Omeals better than ...?

Omeals better than ...?

When you are out hunting, a hot meal is often a pain to pull off - let alone if you are on top of the mountain in the wind and needing to not move a ton to not be spotted. For a long time, I have used MRE’s and/or Mountain House.  I only like the chocolate chip cookie from MRE’s and then Mountain House are just because I'm really hungry. Neither tasted very good.  It takes a bit to turn either into a hot meal anywhere.

Outfitters Guide host Jeff Jensen introduced me to Omeals.   It was actually fun just to see how they get hot.  It is a little water or snow in the pack and there is a chemical reaction that heats up your meal.  Super quick.  Jeff always added rice or something like that.  I did not think that is needed.

Tasty hot meal.

The best part of at least some of the meals is that they are tasty.  I really really like the buffalo wings. I also like the barbecue beef.  I am not a pasta guy but I had one of those.  It was way better than Mountain house but in the future I am going buffalo wings or barbecue beef.

They say the key thing about Omeals is that they are made by a chef.  I do not care if they are made by a chef.  The second thing is that they are not freeze dried.  I actually do not care about that either.

I care that they taste good, are super easy to make and are hot.  I do not have to carry a stove.  I am going to throw in a couple in the back of my snowmobile for a hot meal on top of the mountain.

I liked them so much I got PointHunter users a deal.   Use Keyword “pointhunter” to get an extra 3% off.

Hot Meal, quick and tasty.

So much better than MRE’s or Mountain House.

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