OMEALS - A review from the hunt!!

OMEALS - A review from the hunt!!

During a recent hunt in Wyoming, I introduced Byron Oldham to OMEALS.  A long-time hunter and avid outdoorsman, Byron had always taken MREs or Mountain House along when he was hunting.  Packing in fresh water, a small stove and gas to heat the meals is always a necessity for those meals.  Enter OMEALS.  Here's Byron's review after trying OMEALS for the first time.  

I found the best tasting hot meal - I tried a barbecue beef meal from OMEALS.  So much better than an MRE or Mountain House, this was super easy.

I have had MREs on hunts for many years.  If you want them hot,  you boil water and put the main meal in it until it is hot.  Not only does this takes time, but you have to pack equipment and fresh water just to be able to cook the meal.  When it's ready, you have a meal that is hot but not that tasty.

In my opinion, Mountain House tastes better than MRE’s.  But neither of them are nearly as good as the two different OMEALS I have had.  With Mountain House, you still have to boil your water, wait ten minutes and stir it to get it all rehydrated.  Hauling my little stove and gas is always a pain. 

For OMEALS, just add a few ounces of ANY liquid and it will cook.  The package comes with plastic utensils and a napkin.  I liked the warmth of the bag after to warm me up.

Here is my plan:  I'll bring OMEALS and I won't have to pack a stove for even day trips.  I'll have a great meal on the mountain.  In case you wonder, OMEALS weigh more than a Mountain House meal. But, the fresh water you need for Mountain House is definitely more weight than OMEALS. Plus no need to bring a stove. 

This is quick, easy and tasted good. Sandwiches always work but I like hot meals during hunting season as it is usually cold.

No more having to be in the vestibule of the tent cooking during storms.  I can just stay in the tent, stay warm and dry and have a hot meal.

OMEALS - my choice for a hot meal on the mountain!!

This was a great way to eat way better while hunting.
I hope they all taste as good as the 2 flavors I have tried.

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  • Byron Oldham
    Byron Oldham

    I have tasted more flavors and I definitely like them. chicken wings is the best so far.

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